Post Races…yes Races!

So, following the nutrition plan. Last week after the XTerra was good. Not really mood swingy or excessively tired during the work week. I did no training during the week – first week back at school so not a lot of time!

I raced the Ilfracombe tri at the weekend and managed to post a personal worst on the bike! Not sure where the time went but my legs were like lead so no surprises! 1.42 posted pb 1.37 so not miles off but very tired!

So, being very tired now and have the prospect of Barnstaple Marathon looming! That will get shortened to a half I think!

So, on with the nutrition.

My trial of the new Arbonne nutrition starts soon! Looking forward to that. Will post soon about the bits and bobs. Apart from that I’m very happy with recovery compared to normal. I have some more Protein coming so I can continue with that and maybe up to 2 shakes of 1 scoop mid morning and mid afternoon.



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