A new nutrition strategy…

I’m giving a new strategy a go! At the moment I am upping the amount of protein in my diet through supplements. I have have a go at various brands over time and I have settled on an unusual source… Arbonne – who seem to be a brand who make ‘make-up’. Still, their formulation from Pea, rice and cranberry protein seems to do the trick. 

In normal training I am making a shake with soya milk, water, I measure protein powder and half a measure ‘greens balance’ which supplements antioxidants, phytonutrients and fibre… Has spiriulina, kale, corella, red coffee bean, papaya, purple sweet potato! Also, a tablet of omega-3 plus.

Not a lot you can do with the tablet apart from swallow it! Which I did ok! 

The other bits are combined in a juicer to make a shake.

The shake turned out to be a light green in colour. Didn’t taste too bad and with the other ingredients it reduced the tickly powder feeling when drinking. I added some natural yoghurt as well. Some fruit will find its way in there when I’ve been shopping. 

High training loads will be supplemented with a full dose of protein shake after training. 

I have been trying Paleo bars from Lidl but they will run out soon. They saw me trough a 30 mile ride the other day. 

How will all this help me train and combine a very busy job? We will see. My Strava is linked to this blog if you like to see that. I’m going to rate my training sessions as 1-5 stars. The winter will be building and I will do 2 days active recovery after a big session. I’m yet to sit down and plan out the training but will more than likely be 

2×1 hour rides in the week (one session)

One long ride at the weekend of 2-3 hrs (zone 1)

Park run on a Saturday (session)

A longer run in the week (1.5) with a recovery run another day

2 to 3 swims of 30 mins

Strength sessions on the living room carpet and foam roller too! 

About 8 hrs all in! 

Monday… Recovery run / swim?

Tuesday… Bike home 1 hr

Wednesday… Bike home 1 hr

Thursday… Longer run

Friday… Swim

Saturday… Park run and longer bike

Sunday… Swim
A rough plan! 


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