Race Report…

What a lovely half term… don’t know about the weather in Nottingham but the camping with the family was great.

It wasn’t a very fast day for me. Just haven’t had the time to put in any quality training – disappointment=expectation/reality. I hoped for a close to 5 hrs but the bike really kicked my backside. The lack of any longer rides meant I detonated towards the end… which was the bit with the wind really in your face! Held on in the run but it was tough on crampy legs. pb 5.08 and did a 5.43 (oops!) Still, wouldn’t change a minute over the last year. Longer bike rides means less time for family (once we are actually home from work!)

So the biggest disappointments are in the fact that I didn’t drink any alcohol for ages I lost loads of weight and filled in my diet sheet all for nothing! And now… I am having a drink!

So… An Olympic soon… Got a Sprint race on Sunday! And a bike to build! Let’s get rid of those post race blues! Onwards and upwards!


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