The pre-race aches and pains are starting to come on! Looking out of the windows and looking at the weather forecast we may be in for a bit of a bashing with the weather! Saturday looks ok. Just hope the rain is light and not too heavy. Plenty of kit to choose from and we have the minibus so hopefully will be able to stay nice and dry.  Apart from in the tent. Got to hope the ground isn’t too wet to camp on! 

Had a bit of a ‘motivation off’ with the other club members who are racing. I like this one. True for me! I do feel though that I may have to grimace a bit on Sunday to get the bike time down far enough to have a crack at the pb… And with. 18mph wind… Not a great chance. 


So, the only thing I can do is swim hard and bash the bike! Hope the run holds together! Need to get some good food for the bike. Completely forgot to get the good stuff at home! Too late now! Also, only got my deep section wheels! Windy days. Hopefully not too many cross winds! So, all in all, fairly got the heeby jeebies! Keep calm eh! On the positive side, tomorrow night should be a nice quiet one!  


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