So… Race day. Kind of! 

Exe Valley Tri. Usually the tune up for the season. Today… Just an excise in poor judgement. So, if you have a bit of a chest infection… Should you…

A. Stay in bed

B. Race a Triathlon


Guess I will go race a triathlon. To justify it I said I’d keep to zone 1. Under 80%. Got to say I lost signal quite early on so HR was hard to judge but my percieved effort was not too high! I ran really quite comfortably on the run. 

The swim… Kinda got used to keeping my number belt under my top when swimming. Usually this works. Today however, I didn’t zip up my top which flushed out my top and pushed down the number belt. Swimming with a parachute. I eventually got out (I say eventually but it was only 400m) and seemed to mess around in T1 for quite a while! 

Easy run out to the bike. Then the route was just the same as normal with a few annoying head winds! Came into T2 feeling fine having not really pushed with the exception of the hills. 

T2… Again… No real urgency. Out onto the run.

Easy running. Splits I’d be happy with at the Half Iron. Pushed my way around but not hurting my chest. Nice and comfy. 

Came 3rd in my age group. 26th overall? Maybe 28th… Can’t remember! 

Now a bit of recovery and my A race when I’m well.


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