Friday… Saturday…

Friday, I did a few miles with Lucas on the bike. Out for a picnic and back. A very enjoyable ‘active’ recovery!

Saturday, YUK! What a bad day. Feeling rubbish! This cold, flu whatever is kicking my behind! I rode 59 mins before Parkrun and then struggled through at half mara pace.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 21.12.34

No forward gears! Hopefully better tomorrow but I can’t imagine! Should be running 19/20 min 5ks about now!

6 weeks until the Outlaw. HIT is going very badly and I guess a PB is out of the window!

Got to loose some weight too. Feeling bad has made my diet bad – inc booze!


7am Breakfast – Porridge, see topping and a teaspoon of honey, bottle of water

8.30 coffee

10am Almond milk green smoothie (banana (4 slices), blueberries (6-8), tbs natural yog, spinach, tsp peanut butter, tsp honey

12.30 lunch – baked potato, green tea, fruit salad, water

2pm Almond / seeds, water

3.30pm Almond butter banana

6pm Tea – something healthyish with very little cheese or bread. Maybe chicken with some pulses etc and salad.

8pm Dark chocolate square, green Tea / fruit tea

10pm glass of milk

That’s the plan anyway!

See how it’s going!


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