Friday… Saturday

finished work and came home for a rest…. Ha! Handed screaming baby and wife disappears to colour hair! And then she did the ironing! Scream! Just wanted to sleep. It was the end of a horrid week. No training… Just stress and cough / cold / ill.


Fed up of doing nothing and annoyed that I played my jokers in Jantastic on piffling missed one swim instances… When I could have used them for missed a whole week! Lesson learned maybe!

Anyway, did 3 runs and 2 bikes yesterday in a complete cheat! Warm up run, park run, cool down run. All different runs or the same run? Bike to run and bike home. Job done. 

My cold is still annoying. I need to do a 10k run and a bike. Think that will be a spin in the kitchen! 


The bug war continues!


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