The race report

well that was interesting one hour and 33 minutes and 30 something seconds later I have now found out where my fitness is. The start of the race was very calm. I seem to have got over the red mist and can control my pace. I just let everyone raced past me andkept my head. Everything went more or less to plan up to halfway. There are a few cheeky hills that you have to get a little time back on the return half. But that was in the plan. The second half I had a missing gear.I couldn’t hit the four minutes kilometre I needed. I targeted people in front and made up A few places. I took down Lee from the tri-club and finished quite strongly but not on pace. Overall looking at the pace and my training I don’t think I can complain. The heart rate monitor went a bit funny again but it will be interesting to seehow I coped with the early miles compared to later on in the  race.

Equipment wise, my Newton distance S trainers were good. However, the insoles rubbish. The right foot in sole  crumpled up right at the start of the race I was quite uncomfortable all the way through. Apart from that no Chaffing rubbing anywhere.

PB… 1.32.41

Today… 1.33.35 (Watch time)

Difference 54 seconds over. RATS!

I have been ordered to Burger King so will have to wait to look at the data. Should mean at 1:45-ish run off the bike.


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