Just how complex do things need to be? It’s just not that hard…
Get up and sorted a bit earlier! Remember to do things in good time! Just look for the simple easy option… Remember, taking a short cut or being lazy will eventually mean you will take longer – generally at the most inconvenient time. Take for example changing Emmie. She should have a towel under her. Two reasons. One to dry her and one to mop up any accidents. So, using the laws of probability, once every now and again she will wee! That she did today! Towel under her? No! Whose fault!?! Not Enmie. Complete change etc when we had an appointment. Getting up and getting a towel would have meant… Yup! You’ve got it!

Anyway… Feeling a tad cranky today. Holidays should be enjoyed. However, it would seem my wife believes she is on holiday too! Actually… I am in holiday! Lucas is on holiday. Jo is on more of a holiday now she has others to do the things that she doesn’t have time for! Like tidying up!!!

Got an hours run to fit in today. Looking forward to that! You’d think it would be easier to ‘fit in’ as I’m on holiday! You’d think!!!


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