Sunday… End of week 4

So this week took in 5 1/2 hours of training. A bit packed in but the end to a tired week.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 13.54.32

(distance never accurate!)

My shoulder is causing me tremendous issues. I can’t swim effectively really, certainly not without pain. I did manage to work my way to second in the swim peloton this morning but was, again, amazed that I wasn’t actually swimming in circles.

My targets in Jantastic have had had to go up. I do need to raise my mileage on the bike and on the run really. More the bike. Weekly run totals have to be 15/20/22/25km which isn’t a lot in reality but when I try and squeeze into my life it gets quite hard! I’ve also targeted 3 runs, 3 bikes and 1 swim. The swim is very token but not sure that I will be able to keep it up. Feel the need to visit the lovely Maria.

So, the Braunton 10 was very good and I am building with the biking. Feeling stronger but need some serious time in soon! 16 weeks of training to go before the big race.

Quite want to buy a new bike frame but being sensible at the moment! Going to have to use that group set in the box in the garage! Bit of a waste not to! The CX S/S is a very challenging bike to ride up hills! Loving it though. Shame I haven’t had the opportunity to ride it to work as yet! Not going to soon either. Best laid plans.

Completely enjoyed watching TV with the family this PM! Zzzz!


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