Ok 2015… here we go!

How do I fit this lot into my life??

Emmie… a few weeks old

Lucas… 4 yrs old

Jo… the Missus



oh… and work! A small matter of being a Head Teacher!

Goals for 2015?? NONE! Well, I’d like to go 4.59 at Outlaw half. Doubt that will happen though! Training is going to have to be short and intense! This is the plan…

Monday… bike – steady state

Tuesday… bike (blast) and run (hill reps)

Wed Stretch and stuff like that

Thursday… bike (blast) and run (75%)

Friday… bike to work (Steady) and back (blast)

Saturday… Parkrun (tempo) plus long run (Easy)

Sunday… Swimming (Tech)

Will see how long it lasts before the stress I’m feeling already melts me! They say it takes a good 6 months to rid yourself of the stress in your body! Well over the last (nearly 9 months) I have been extraordinarily stressed. The birth of Emmie was very stressful. I’m just getting over that. Lucas is having a few problems at school. My work is very stressful – we are waiting for Ofsted and despite the things we are doing (which are great) we have less than good data. All of that AND trying to fit in exercise for Tri is nearly impossible – that’s saying nothing about recovery time! Even sleep at the moment is nearly impossible. Emmie wants food at all times and would appear to be nocturnal!!

I liked doing this blog that last time and so I will continue this time. Not the full distance but half – plus a few half maras and a full mara and stuff like that!

Wish me luck. I will need it!!




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