Race Review


What makes an Ironman… is a different question to how did your ironman go! When you plan for your potential you get a different picture to the one that actually transpires!



This ‘disappointment thing is quite interesting! I completed in 12hrs and 40 mins. And I am an Outlaw! 140.6 miles. I had a decision to make very early in the race. The weekly training times below should explain why…

07/14/2014 02:18:41
07/07/2014 06:00:36
06/30/2014 04:19:50
06/23/2014 05:28:05
06/16/2014 03:32:33
06/09/2014 04:27:35
06/02/2014 02:30:32
05/26/2014 10:47:42
05/19/2014 01:48:20
05/12/2014 09:16:38
05/05/2014 03:35:05
04/28/2014 07:04:50
04/21/2014 08:36:21
04/14/2014 13:03:00
04/07/2014 03:53:16
03/31/2014 05:16:24
03/24/2014 05:33:47
03/17/2014 10:02:28
03/10/2014 05:10:20
03/03/2014 09:45:57
02/24/2014 08:05:51
02/17/2014 06:41:07
02/10/2014 04:34:49
02/03/2014 08:00:16
01/27/2014 10:01:30
01/20/2014 09:11:27
01/13/2014 05:03:19
01/06/2014 06:17:00
12/30/2013 09:42:56

This is my whole training since Christmas. So, when measuring EXPECTATION I had to consider the training I had the chance to do. Really, I shouldn’t have entered BUT this was a tick box event and not a “I must get a time” event. The decision was to just relax and ease my way around.

The preceding days…

We had a horrible Friday and Saturday. Jo had a pregnancy scare and I felt terrible thinking it was me dragging her around the country to sit and watch a tri away from home. It turned out to be an old bleed and wouldn’t have been caused by ‘me’ which was a relief but I now had to come home. There was no way I was spending 12 hours away from her at a time like this. However, her mum and dad came down from Manchester to look after her. I was still in two minds about what I should do! I really didn’t want to be away. Jo though threatened me to do it. With the amount of training I have done, my past history after pushing myself at half distance (I get pretty run down and poorly) I was fully on the chilled out and enjoy myself path! Time is no issue!

The race…

The morning went well. Woke up at 3.30am with people parking at the site. Made porridge and coffee and got myself sorted. Down to check the bike and pump up the tyres. 100 psi did the job and we stood and listened to the tyres popping around us. One chap had a deflating tub and had NO spare! What do these people think! The guys from NDTri were around and about. I racked my bags, checked everything and got ready.

swim outlaw

The swim was easy up until the last 1k. I swam 1.45/100m pace, got my hat knocked off and my goggles at one point. Had a bit of a shout at the nutcase who was swimming like a washing machine! Then the exit was spotted and the lovely cool bit was over!


The bike was cruel. I had set a time of 6 hours and came through in 6. 30 ish. It was windy. My bike training had been poor and I knew it. My longest ride of 80 miles had been in march / April or something and I had only done 1-2 hour rides since. Again, being away from the family wasn’t an issue so didn’t happen. All my cycling was done in the kitchen! I had a good time. Sore back and sore legs. The wind was the cruel bit. How it could be in your face for the entire race I don’t know!! The nutrition was good. I used Jersey Pocket Nutrition and High 5 Gels. There are a few flavours. The Chocoeat was lovely and not rich; balanced off with the Savouryeat – a savoury taste and something which really cuts through the whole sugarfest that is the Ironman. To finish off I had a La Bomb – a lemon taste that was FAB! I was very relieved to hand over the bike to the marshal at the end. Sore back and bum!


The run was a little slower than expected. I started out well and was clicking along. Then I had a really badly cramping stomach. Nutrition on the bike had been good and I felt good but the run was a mix! I think it was when I had a crisp or two! They say never try anything new! They tasted nice but ouch! Over the next 10 miles or so it sorted out as I had banana and high 5. Caffine gel towards the end. The marshals were AWSOME! Dumping water over me and feeding and encouraging us all.

The highlight…


Was running through the finish with Lucas and giving the family a big hug at the end.

This is my only try at this distance. I am NOT a long distance man. I think for next year I will stay Olympic and the shorter training times should be enough for a hobby!

I am an Outlaw! An Ironman! Now a bit of a rest!



I think I managed to smile most of the way around!! With a life and family like mine – why wouldn’t you?!?!



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