Day #319-322: Thursday – 3 days to go…

No expectations!


This is so very true. AND do I really have no expectations?? I don’t think I have NO expectations. There are a number of club mates doing the race who I’d like to beat! BUT, does it really matter? NO! Well… yes! hahaha.

The swim will hurt but I’m very efficient in the water so slow means easy! I did the half swim in 31 mins so 70 mins is a good target. The bike, quite simply, is the big issue! I haven’t had the time to ride the distance. Over the term of the training I have had so many problems. Work has been an issue. I just haven’t had the opportunity mid week. My wife has had several miscarriages and is now quite pregnant. We lost our first child at 25 weeks so I haven’t been straying far from the nest! Certainly there has been NO desire to be far from home. In fact being at the outlaw and out of touch is really worrying me. I have to take it easy on the bike and ride a 18 mph (haha – easy!) split. If I manage that fairly comfortably it is on!

I then have 4 hours to get round the marathon. I have had a bit of an epiphany running wise. I really enjoy it now. Strange really.

So, the aim over the next 3 days is to take it really easy! Still, we broke from school and I have the whole summer!


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