Day #295: Heavy workload… light me!

Stress linked to weightloss… must be! Pulled a 14 hour day yesterday and missed my run. Quite disappointing as I wanted to do some exercise every day leading up to the Iron distance Outlaw. I did jog a mile on a mercy dash but that hardly counts!

Going to be another long day today. My boss has OFSTED in so that frees up time for me as we aren’t meeting but I have a SEF to write and Heads reports are coming up due for Govs. All goes together to make a pretty big headache for my training programme!

This is where the children went yesterday! Must be worth a jog up! I wish!! AND the rain is coming – hopefully that isn’t summer over [but overcast and windless would be great for the Ironman – with a little drizzle during the run! Which stops straight away after I’m finished and I have glorious camping weather after! Too much to ask?]

Oh and I’m 81.2 this morning. Right… been working since 5am. Time to shower and go to work!



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