Day #282-285: Biddy Tri

Had the school children at a residential from Friday. Organised cover to go to do the Bideford Tri. 600m swim 14 mile bike and a 5k run. All the activity and driving wasn’t the ideal start to a taper so I didn’t bother with a taper! I’m half an ironman!
The swim was a bit tricky. Down a river with not easy to spot bouys! Out and into T1 was ok. I think I need a new wetty though as it was sloshing a bit. I have lost some weight!!
The bike was ok. My normal loss of momentum on the hills. Ended a hill ride over 18 mph though so pleased overall.
T2 was fairly swift! I did slosh some carb drink in t2 as I dropped my bottle on the bike. Without having a drink!! Think I should secure my sons mini fruit shoot bottles with some tape next time!
The run was good. No HR data as it said 34 when I looked and that certainly was wrong!! Back just over 19 mins and felt quite strong.
Finished 14th and 4 th in age group. All good.

Swim 07:54.0 15
T1 00:01:42.65 35
Bike 00:44:54.40 23
T2 00:01:05.60 30
Run 00:19:09.75 20
Overall 16
Age group 4


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