Day #272: RACE DAY


T’was a bit warm today!

Last Year 5:08:55………….This year 5:11.17 (Booooo!)

Swim 32.05 – T1 2:04…………….31.21………T1 2.21

Bike 2:48.25 – T2 1:59…………… 2.46.22……..T2 1.58

Run 1:44.20……………… 1:49.24




That was a very hard day at the office!

The swim was always going to be a bit of a struggle with my lack of swimming. I felt quite good and didn’t try too hard. Onto the bike. I think this is where things started to go wrong. I only drank about 1000ml of liquid! Rookie mistake. It was quite nice and a lovely route. I think I have learned a lot about the bike and what to eat and drink! Bit of an idiot sat here tying this. Onto the run and the damage is done. I hung on with the race plan but I just went south. My average pace dropped and was gone. There isn’t really a real reason for it except that I got the liquid wrong. It was a total struggle. I really wanted 4.59. Gutted. I could feel it slipping away from the 4 mile mark and I just couldn’t get it back together. I only felt ok after a few walks through rest stops and some decent liquid refills!

Oh well, you live and learn.





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