Day #257: Boredom, Blisters and Blown!

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 16.15.50

An interesting run this morning. The last longish one before my Half Iron in a couple of weeks. It went like this…

Run to Parkrun

Parkrun #1

Parkrun #2

Parkrun #3

Run home [stop at the shop – remember I have no money – run home]

The first bit, a warm up?? was a bit rusty. I’ve not run since last Saturday. Steady pace. The first two Parkruns were dragging and blisters forming. I felt grim at the end of the second. Had a gel and lined up for the real one – the third. I went off and was around 6.30’s for the first and second mile. Then the wheels fell off. Well, they didn’t really! What I did do was back off to 7.30 pace to save myself as I felt bad. Smart but painful running slower and having all the people run past me.

If I can finish my half with a 21 minute 5k I will be happy.


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