Day #245: Huff and Puff

A long day today. Went to the North Devon Huff and Puff. It’s a 6 mile run around Codden Hill. Hilly enough – about 1500ft. I am no off road runner and hills are my enemy at my weight. Anyway… I was feeling ok this morning. I had a bit do a lie in and suited up. Full Tri get up. I had 2 hi 5 gels in a tube for a bit of a treat on the way around.
I led from the start up hill and down dale. There was a big race yesterday in which all the local off roaders and good runners went to. Opening the door for me! The last time I ran this race I did 1.06 today 54 mins! A nice improvement I think! That equates to 2 min per mile improvement.

On the down side I feel rubbish today. Lots of stresses leaving the body I think!!


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