Day 233 and 234: Back to work!

It’s a shame when holidays end! I had 2 weeks of no stress and that included Tuesday to Friday night of being alone at home. Not that I enjoy being home alone BUT my training and recovery were great.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 07.09.51

13 hours of training, mainly biking, with NO ill feelings. I get back to work and feel yuk already! One day long series of scraps with the boss and my car broke! Wow… how things change. Last night (Day 234) I had a 10 min spin warm up before a 2.5 – 3mile easy run and then did 40 mins on the spin bike. I have noticed it’s getting lighter now! I could probably get out on the real bike after work. That’s good! Def need to get thinking about cycling to work in the lead up to the ironman. Not long until the half now. 38 days… so a taper of 3 weeks 21 days out… especially as I’m working too – just to ensure legs are fresh. I need to work out the taper. Job for the future.

Weight is 83.7kg this morning. 0.7kg above race target. Could go lower for the Iron distance I think!


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