Day #244: Ride out…

A bit shorter than I thought – but that’s my sense of direction for you.

35 miles – too hilly round here to tell what’s going on for my flat speed. Still not sure of my nutrition.

I waited until I’d burned 600 calories and then had a bar every 300 calories. So, burning 1500 calories in the ride and consumed 3 Go bars at 219 calories and a drink at 187 calories – the drink was sipped on over the time – did find it harder to get that down.

1500-(657+187)=1500-844=656 under

43g of carbs per bar

47g in the drink bottle

2hrs 16 mins = 136mins

129+47=176g of carbs

So, I think I am ok to eat or drink a bit more. Probably better to go for the drink option.Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 15.21.52


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