Day: 241 / 242

Yesterday was interesting in the ‘how injured am I’ debate. The ‘featured image’ about sums it up. Ups and downs!

I went for a ride. Just a gentle one but on my race bike and took something like 29 strava PRs. Quite a nice feeling. I then got off the bike to do a Parkrun and averaged 6.53’s off the bike. Nice and steady. There are so many niggles going on in my legs but they only come on bad when I get tight. I still have a bit of a niggle under my glutes. My left calf seems to be being a pain too.

So, a plan?? Spending the week on my bike I think and then having a good stretch after. Minimise the running to a parkrun and see how it goes! My run fitness will suffer some but my bike legs will improve. I can just kick back and relax in the knowledge that being lazy with the stretching has messed me up!

I’m going to pop over and see a mate for a bit of a bike fit! See how that goes. Get some more power down and relax into the bike.

So, stretching. Knock the hard bricks on the head and do some Ironman trotting.

Might get about to weighing myself soon. Can’t be good! A week of poor eating and beer. The killer calorie counter!

Feel happy though. That’s the important thing!



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