Day #233,4,5,6 / 56 days (I think): Got to press the right buttons on the Garmin!

Oops! A few days have gone by!

Training wise I have been a bit silly. My legs are wound up tighter than I don’t know what – but guess what – still trained. I did reduce my running after the end of ‘Jantastic’ but still not a lot of stretching. At Parkrun Saturday I ‘only’ ran 6 miles. Got a shooting pain across my knee towards the ens. Guess what – new trainers. Probably ned cycling shoes?? New cleats. I must be bonkers! So, starting today… No training apart from some stretching and foam rollering and massaging! And swimming!

It was the club tri yesterday. Swam (inc transition) 8.30 ish, Bike held in around 19mph on a hilly course, and the run was great at about 7.10 on a hilly course – aiming for 1/2 marathon pace. All to plan but again, didn’t do much for my legs!

Here we go…


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