Day #223: The Longest Ride…

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 18.05.22 Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 18.05.11 Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 18.05.06

Quite an adventure! 80 miles in 5hrs with 4000 ft of climbing. Took in the club tri route and a tried out some nutrition strategy and my bike set up.

So, bike – very nice. very fast. Need to rotate bars around and flip up aerobars a tad. Could do with some height added too. Might have a play with that.

Nutrition… help needed here! I know I didn’t drink enough (but it was cold). Food was a mix of bars and gels. Looking at the numbers now I realise that the bars had different Kcal values. I took in 1039 Kcal and expended 2725 Kcal. I ate every 300 Kcals were expended. I had 2 Ride bars ( half at a time) so put in 110 Kcal a time. One CNP bar 144 Kcal at a time and a whole Go bar 139 Kcal. I had 2 gels to top up at 86 Kcal each. I felt ok. Mainly, tired legs as I did 4k ft of climbing with a 39 x 23 set up on the bike… doh! I need to think about adding some drink calories to my set up I think. I had no gastro problems though. Which is nice. The bike was lovely and even at the end of the ride I was able to hit my target speed on the flat (which the outlaw is) every time I wanted to. The hills not so hot!

My shorts – Great. 80 miles and a bit sore – nothing major. Liking the seat set up!

Happy days.



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