Day #222: jog along

Today was a bit off but ok. Forgot about the beet root I had last night which was a bit of a shock this morning! Once the panic had subsided I went out for a run. Somewhere up to 20 miles was the plan. The pace was off from the start a bit too slow but not feeling on top form. Got to park run at 10.75 miles and then ran the 5k in 21.50. Nice to know I can close out a half Mara effort in good form. For me! Jogged home for a 15.95 miles. A bit gutted about that. 0.05! The rest of the day was a bike ride with the boy and a walk around town. Too much bread today and far too much coffee. Good job I’m not pro! Big training day tomorrow! 80 ish miles and a run.

Powerbar and 1 gel on run
Poached egg on toast with plum toms
Handful nuts
Toasty with chicken and cheese and chilli sauce
Pasta with chorizo
2 profiteroles
2 expresso maybe 3 lost count!
1 latte

Played with the bike as well today. Will see tomorrow what the comfort levels will be!



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