Day #207: places in time

How many places can I be in at once? Sat at the doctors waiting for a 2pm appointment (it’s 2.15) knowing I should be in a meeting now and the boss will be annoyed. We are very short of teachers at school so should be there too!! Sadly though, waiting to see what I’ve got in a waiting room that is increasingly annoying me with the rubbish music and dodgy parenting!!

WM Bagel, poached egg, plum tomatoes
2 handfuls nuts and seeds
Mezze style buffet lunch – quite healthy
3 coffees so far

Think that there is one in front of me! 2.22 now and ill people have come in! Joy!!
Sign in here says life expectancy is 8-12 yrs less for a smoker! Wonder how much it’s reduced by sitting in the doctors?? #diseasedpeople #couldbeme
Now people have come in to eat their lunch!
Complaints procedure… Where is that patients charter?
Oh a doctor. Been here 40 mins and that is the first patient called!! Think the one in front is getting narked! Me too!
14.27 that’s the next one in. Wonder how long now?? Is it just triathletes who time everything?? #createyourownanxiety

14.33 – should be at meeting by now!
I don’t think this doctors is very good!
#anychanceofacurehere #probnot
Oops! They are out! 14.37
Tick, tick, tick, tick…
In… 14.41

Out… All ok.


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