Day #197: a food list?

I’m going to have to make a list I think! For a bit anyway! Maybe writing about food will make me not feel hungry?!?

Breakfast: whole meal bagel, poached egg, plum tomato, butter
Snack banana, mixed nuts
Lunch: 4 slices toast
Snack – missed
Tea – chicken rice
Drinks 2 coffee, 1 tea, 2 bottles water, 1 fruit tea

2 carrots

1 triangle of toblerone

Obviously the toast is wrong! We were out of the office and missed lunch! Rubbish!

Need to go to the shop in a minute and stock up! Tea first though as I may be stocking up on bad stuff!!

No training today! It’s hard to rest! This is day 2. Starting to feel guilty!! Feel better though!


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