Day #179-181: Bushed!

Photo on 08-02-2014 at 06.41

So, this morning was a bit wet! Up around 5.30 for a long bike. Hissing down! Decided on the spin bike instead – wimp I know! 2hrs of intervals. Then off to Parkrun. A 20.49 off the bike and a 2mile run to get there. Managed to hold 6.31 min/mile for the 5k – with an AHR of 89%. Not really sustainable for the Half marathon but def a 7.15 – so very pleased!

Overall though, very tired. Legs are starting to stiffen up and have to do a 11 miler tomorrow. Going to be slow to try and not get injured. Fingers crossed. Lots of massage going on at the moment!

The other days – forget! Too much work. Did a 20 min run on Friday. Terrible! Hopefully on track for 7 hrs for the week!

Positives: Running coming together. Negatives: Winding wife up!

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 16.41.13


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