Day #167, 168: It must be the weekend


Friday was a rest day. Wow, I needed it.

Saturday started with a bike. 25 miles up the hills in a big gear. Sore legs! Cruising the downs. Not a fast ride but trying to develop the power?!? Then straight to Parkrun for a 5km blast. I managed to keep an average 6.38 min/mile – which was nice as my AHR was still in the 80%’s [climbing as I put more effort in towards the end – 5.50ish]. Then we went to an indoor assault course – or soft play as they call it. I got battered!!

So, protein for tomorrow. Strength run over some hilly stuff and then a swim with the Tri club. I have 3 hours to do to make the 10 hrs for the week. Don’t think I’ll get there but getting better. I was VERY grumpy last night as I couldn’t sleep – whiskey needed!


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