Day #161-2: Busy busy


What have I not done today??

The day started with a trail run at Codden Hill. 1024ft in an hour. Not quick but hilly. Quite pleased with the AHR being 77% of max. I did just jog it out but the legs were still stinging! Then on to club swim. 20 x 50 and lots of drills. 2.5k of swimming. Then my son came in and I had him in the water for 40 mins. We went for a coffee and then I took him out on his bike. I am just about able to ride with him – he’s still not trust worthy though at 3 1/2 yrs old! When we got home we baked muffins and then I cooked tea – and did the dishes.

Wrecked now! Only 5 1/2 hours of training this week – adaptation!


I have a new schedule this week. Will see how it goes! I need to get up to 10 hrs!

Good luck me!


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