Day #148: New Year New Parkrunner

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 11.36.15


Was nice at Parkrun today. My friend Russ did his first one. I started at the back and tried to video the runners as I went past. Didn’t work very well – and starting at the back put me in 10th place at the end. You get to a place where there is no chance of catching the fast boys! Russ came through in 39th in 27:39. A good effort for a non runner.

My morning started with a 4.5 mile run before PR and then PR (5k) and then a jog home. The plan is +/- 30 sec marathon pace for the warm up and cool down then +/- 15 sec 1/2 marathon pace for the park run. I was a bit slow on the before and after runs but the 5k was spot on at 7 m/m. (although the Ironman mara will be 9-11 m/m!!).

Happy days and a nice run.


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