Day 140-145: Happy New Year…



The journey home from Madchester was a little dramatic to say the least! Cars sliding over the motorway, rollong road blocks and rain, rain, rain – oh and wind! Got back ok though and went shopping – as you do!


My Lumie light – which I haven’t quite figured out yet! How a light with 3 buttons can be so complex I don’t know!! Might be late for work next week!



New Year’s Eve – Lucas is coming on really well with his bike. Using his brakes and not hammering his toes so much!



Came 3rd in the Male Points table this year – PARKRUN!




And finally – my new trainers a few mins before they were ruined by running 6 miles in yuk! They did well though.

All in all, a nice couple of days that have got away from me in respect of Blogging. I feel quite rested and was very pleased with my running today. 2000ft in 1:06 – the legs were pumped but settled into marathon pace comfortably! Just need to get going with the planing and training for 2014. Ironman time!!


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