Day #136, #137


Well, I don’t know know what the *@%* is going on with this family but they are completely screwed up. I can definitely say that I am having NOTHING to do with them at all. In laws – father in law is ace and mother in-law but the rest of the family are completely screwed up! I can’t believe that they can be so messed up – even at christmas time. Makes it a bit easy for me as I will never be a part of their ‘extended’ family celebrations again! Total screw loose! It would be a lie to say that I haven’t experienced such immaturity before but as I’m a head teacher and my experience is with pre school children that wouldn’t be fair. I have never experienced such immaturity from adults however. Me and this extended family – are done!

Positives – there can’t really be one with this. My wife and son will lose out as I will not be joining them at any family gatherings where anyone except for the mother and father in law will be there. Absolutely unbelievable. What makes this sort of thing worse is being complicit. Saying nothing is as bad as being pro. So to the ones who are complicit. Do one. I won’t be losing any sleep. In fact – it saves me an awful lot of angst. As I don’t have to make any decisions. It’s all done for me. Good night.


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