Day #99: Flu Jab



Bit of a sore arm this morning! Got the flu jab yesterday. Working at the front line in education does have its hazards! Not feeling to bad this morning so hopefully all ok and real flu not contracted. I did bleed all over the table when she jabbed my arm – which was quite funny! She did panic. We will see how the sore arm feels after today’s swimming session. Got to finish the breakfast session with the little one and get myself sorted out! Was going to have a longer run today but I think I need to try and spread the load a little. HR not too bad this am at 42bpm so yesterdays session was hard enough. Hopefully get a 5-6 mile run in later today. Got a busy week so will be a challenge getting any quality training in!

Last week

Mon Rest – Done
Tues Light spin – Done
Wed Easy run – Done
Thursday Rest – Done
Friday Light Spin – Missed
Saturday PR and Mountain Bike – No PB at parkrun. A good MTB first (power session) put pay to that.
Sun Swim and easy run – On track…



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