Day #98: “It’s a good job i wasn’t riding Bryony!”

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 10.58.38

“It’s a good job i wasn’t riding Bryony!” was the cry from the horse rider when I had the audacity to be on the same hill as her four legged death trap! I seemed to be invisible as the two riders talked to each other and definitely didn’t warrant a thank you for being so thoughtful and considerate! It was all so near to disaster that she almost loosened her grasp on her fag as I thanked them and slowly rode by. Still in 30 years of biking haven’t managed to figure out a foolproof and mutually acceptable way of sharing a right of way! Identifying yourself when approaching scares the horse, riding by scares the horse, hanging back scares the horse… is there an approach (apart from the riders being more aware of their surroundings and taking evasive action) that doesn’t scare the horses?

Anyway, I managed to “Get in their way” twice in one ride. Still my times were fairly consistent over the 3 laps of the course. I was riding very conservatively so was 2 mins down on my pb for each lap. I then went on to run a 21.21 at the 5k Parkrun at 1/2 marathon pace. AHR 80% Max so quite nice – MAX 90%. My knee was very sore off the bike though. Something to watch out for!


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