Day #87: Running, swimming and coffee…



Rain and wind this morning! Just the weather to jog to the pool… Via the hill! Steady run – nothing too serious. The pool session was good. main part of the session was 12×50 one easy 10 sec rest one hard 45 sec rest. Then 12×100’s the same. finished strong and can feel the rubber band dry work kicking in on my stroke. Will have to do more! or at least more often!

The went to a cafe for toasty and cake!

Chilling now. A good ride and a good swim this weekend. Quite pleased with that.

Mon: Spin (1hr)

Tues: Rest: Away overnight for a meeting

Wed: Run (45 min)

Thurs: Spin (1hr)

Fri: Run (30 mins)

Sat: Parkrun (22 min) and mountain bike (3xCodden) (1.5hrs)

Sun: Run, Swim and Committee meeting (45min/1hr)


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