Day #56,57 & 58!!!!! Oops!

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 09.01.41

Where did that go? I know… It went into a 85 hour working week! Tell you what… people who think teachers have an easy life want to walk in my shoes for a few days. Governors meetings, more meetings, abusive parents…. no wonder I had a massive spasm in my back / shoulder yesterday! Left me doubled up on the floor begging for ibuprofen! Loosened off a bit now.

No Parkrun today. It’s cancelled due to a memorial event. Shame. That’s the first one missed for a while. I should have gone to Exeter to do one but that’s not really an effective use of my time.

Still, an hour on the spin bike watching the Local Hero Sufferlandria dvd was ‘fun’. 24.4 miles at AHR 57% Max. I’m going to have to work out my max HR on the bike better. I’m using the run one! Still… not too out of breath and I am building, so all good!

Off for a Saturday. Hoping to get an hour run in later. My training has been nothing this week so numbers are low! Not to worry too much though. My race is in June.




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