Day #51: Parkrun… the hard way!

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 11.23.22


An early start. The plan was to run marathon pace ish for the first few miles (turned out to be 8.5) and then half Marathon pace for the Parkrun and then Marathon pace home.

Worked out ok. The run to parkrun starts off with a very hilly section – Mainly up! This tires the legs and simulates quite a long run. I was very happy with the HR and I arrived at PR with 5 mins to spare.

The PR was, as normal, paced terribly. Started off far too quickly and faded towards the end. Finished in 22 mins something. Which for me would be good to close out a half marathon in. We had a play today and started at the back – working through the field.

Then I shuffled home!

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 11.32.10


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