Day #45: End of a busy week


Well, after all of that I’ve managed 8hrs 47 mins for my training week. Not too bad for building. Mostly strength and easy stuff so not feeling too tired.

This coming week is going to be a recovery week. Keeping it light and shorter. Will go for 5-6hrs. I’m all over Devon for meetings so there won’t be too much opportunity for evening or morning.

My final run of the week was very slow but possibly the best run ever. I did a 17 mile loop on the bike (hilly) and met my son and wife at a carpark 3 miles from home. My 3yr old was ready with his bike and I switched into my trainers. The run averaged 14 min miles and 5 mins was ‘not moving time’ – BUT that was the first training run with my boy. He was very excited!! I was too.

Positives: A good solid training week squeezed into my busy working week. Feeling the benefit.



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