Day #44: Split training.


My training is looking quite ‘bitty’ this week. My work commitments mean that I’m very time limited and the family need my time too. So far the week has gone like this…

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 11.30.42

I’m having to split my bike today as I had a bit of a lie in. The unexpected double spin for 2 hours the other day during the footie did drain me a little and I was really tired after missing so much sleep (sick son) that I missed my spin yesterday.
Parkrun 40 went by ok. Ran too fast really but my average speed as ok in the end – really working on running at a constant speed! So hopefully I will get another hour in on the bike either today or tomorrow and another hour of running to take me to within a few minutes of my weekly target (which at this stage doesn’t really mean too much!).
Positives: My resting HR first thing is being fairly consistent showing that I am absorbing the exercise ok. Will be keeping a close eye on that!
Breakfast by Jo!
9.15pm Well, the second spin didn’t happen – a new light did… but that’s another post!


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