Day #40: Ladies meeting (at the pool)

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 08.10.30

Nice swim, except for the ‘chain gang’ of wannabe squad swimmers. They must have been Surf Lifesavers dads or something. Swimming 50’s with what seemed like 25 mins between reps. Obviously not a problem in the pool – except for the barrier of portly hairy bodies blocking the end of the poor! Come on chaps – have a little consideration!

My session today was quite easy speed wise but hurt on the arms:

Interval 1: Warm up steady swim, slow arms, pulling right through – concentrate on triceps push.

2: Paddles – plus above

3/4: Paddle and pull buoy – plus above

5: Just swimming!

Long swim for Iron distance so concentrating on efficiency – SWOLF 36 for this swim.

Positive: Feeling the water again. Plus – late meeting start today so a relaxed breakfast! Makes a change.


PS: Sorry to any ladies!


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