Day #37: Tired!

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 20.57.53

Well, I was feeling quite ok about today’s Parkrun 5k until I saw the pics on Facebook. Belly slipping out! Maybe my choice of outfit for my Ironman isn’t ok! Quite depressing!

Rubbish nights sleep! The 3yr old bed invasion continues!

Over all, after a rather busy and emotionally draining day at work yesterday, I feel tired today. I did 7 miles on the bike as a warm up for Parkrun. Then the 5k – which I wanted to run at Half Marathon pace – around 6.45 min/miles. I then hooked up with some of the tri lads and did a 37 mile ride – at what seemed like warp speed! Sadly, forgot to wear my HR monitor.

Spent the rest of the day tired! Jo watched Man U play on BT Sport. ZZZZZzzzz! We went shopping and the I watched the Women’s Tri at London.

Now, rather tired!

Positives… Should sleep tonight!


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