Day #30: “Do you need healing?”


Bit busy to post yesterday! Went to watch a Crit race! A great way to drink beer!

Today started with a little bit of a hang-over! Only had 4 beers! Just shows you. I hit the spin bike and did an hours intervals. Easy effort with over gearing. Bit more effort than the other day meant that I went 1.5k (or spin bike units – whatever they are!) further in the hour. Off the bike and a jog to Parkrun at marathon pace 8-8.30 min/m pace.

Parkrun is always quite amusing. I started off near the back and settled into a comfy pace – a bit quicker than half marathon pace 6.15 – 6.45 min/m pace. It seems to confuse the organisers/spectators/friends/clubmates when you don’t run at full speed and I had quite a few shouts of come on and try harder! Watch out – #manwithaplan!

Positives – always have the strength to stick to the plan! I love it when a plan comes together! H. Smith (The A-Team!)


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