Day #26: Commute home

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 20.56.29


Well, that was the first cycle home from a meeting that ended at 7pm. It’s not a long ride but it’s quite hilly / technical. It’s a hard blast. Started off quite disappointedly with the Garmin not switching on! I hate that. Only charged it the other day. It must have switched on in my bag.

Only got (nearly) wiped out twice. Approaching a junction on a fast downhill section – quick and flat – must have been doing at least 40mph when a car had a good look and then pulled out. I had to ride around the outside overtaking a few metres past the junction. Then a few mins later there was a car on my side of the road. That was a skid – nearly lost the back wheel – before the car dived over. Too many – too close!

Work went through ok. Not too stressy at the moment.

Positives: Can see cycling home is a viable option! Nice ride!


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