Day #25: Rest Day

This year’s Outlaw Full Iron Tri was on the TV yesterday. I did the half a month or so before and it was hot then! It seems that the heat was really turned up for the full! Didn’t make me want to do one… But I’ve already paid! Can’t imagine shuffling 26.2 miles after a 112 mile bike!! Still, all winter to build up to that!
Resting now! Ha. Would be nice after a day at work. However, my little one is having something to say about that!! Apparently Tom Thomas needs rescuing and daddy is the one for the job!!

Commuting by bike tomorrow so need to get organised!!

In bed by 9.30pm is the 2nd biggest positive! Hugs from my boy is the biggest!!

PS need smoothie recipes! Put beetroot in my drink this morning! Mmm! Not sure! Very pink!



2 responses to “Day #25: Rest Day

  1. My latest favorite smoothie recipe: milk, oranges, orange extract, vanilla protein powder, and lots of ice. Tastes like something from Orange Julius.

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