Day #23: Off to the park(run)

Lying in bed thinking of how I’m going to squeeze in 10-15hrs training a week! Usually I try and train before the family awake from their beds! This however does have disadvantages towards my recovery – as I’m not asleep!!

Saturdays are Parkrun days. That will stay. A 5k run which starts at 9am every Saturday. I will probably ride before and after it.
Sundays are club swim days. I may need to run long on a Sunday. To avoid crucifying myself long days running are very easy – oxymoron?
Then just need to fill in the week!
Monday (KS Meeting) Off
Tuesday (Staff Meeting) 6-7am Spin, 9pm 30 min run
Wednesday (Heads Meeting) 6-7am Swim, Run pm
Thursday (Leadership Team) Spin pm
Friday Run pm

Busy weeks!! One session each week of each sport and the rest is Zone 1 building and trying to keep injury free.

Good luck me!



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