Day #16: What shall we do today?

It’s funny how perspectives differ. The advent of rain on a foreign holiday is met with almost disbelief! How dare it rain? What will we do? W can’t go into the outdoor pool while it is raining!! We will get wet! My reaction on the other hand…. Great! The rain meant that I didn’t have to get up and out to run early in the morning! I ran a comfortable 10k. Sadly, it had stopped raining putting paid to my intention of 30 mins swimming! I have some brilliant video of a train ride in a monsoon! Very funny!

On a more immediate dilemma… I think I may miss out on a place at the Outlaw! Hopefully there will be some entries left when the general admission comes around as I didn’t register interest for the full iron distance. RATS!

Might end up in Bolton or Wales! We will see!



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