Day #12: I’m hungry and I’ve got no socks!

Sat beside the pool is a very curious glimpse into the lives of people! Holidaying people. What they find important and the values they think other people should share. For example, my values are that people should be polite and considerate. This is not shared across the poolside demographic. The majority of people, despite sharing a lovely location with beautiful vistas, cannot see beyond the ends of their noses. They also are ignorant of the impact they have on others – if the shock they display when challenged is anything to go by. A few of my observations over the past few hours… Walking to the front of the food queue despite a long line, walking to the front of the lift queue, not saying good morning, abandoning their children to fate! Wow, am I hard to please or what!

Positives… Be positive! They don’t matter and if I can add a little to their lives by educating them in their manners… Good for me! 🙂 whatever, I have good manners and I’m going to enjoy myself.



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