Day #8: Running on Empty!

Photo on 18-08-2013 at 07.32

Isn’t it funny the things that disappoint! This morning I ran out of marmalade. It was nice marmalade. I like it on a toasted bagel. And now that luxury has gone. In the morning I get up before the family and have a quiet expresso and something to eat. Of late it’s been bagel and marmalade. The Mackay’s Seville Orange Marmalade is bitter and sweet and really wakes up my pallet. I mean it’s a shame but not an insurmountable problem. However, the thoughts coupled to something so inane are very complex. I feel myself, a lot at the moment, trying to change my thought process. For example: Yesterday was Parkrun (a free timed weekly 5k event) and I want my PB! I’ve not been run training specifically for the 5k – no speed work, in fact since the 70.3 no real training! So, how disappointed can you be to not get it? Shouldn’t be at all – but I was. Especially as my Garmin clocked the run at 5.12km – a bit annoying! Not unexpectedly I blew up! Around about 4.3k. I went out far too fast but on the back of another runner. Kept there and it was a really nice pace. Then 1.5-2k in he smashed to bits and I had to push my own pace. You go from switched off and relaxing to thinking and pushing! The pain starts! Anyway, the pace was dropping and one of my clubmates came past and I tried to keep on his heels. His running is metronomic and he is off the back of a few track sessions and an Ironman! As he disappeared (a little) up the path you have that choice. Push and pain or Jog and justify. I pushed and came in at 20.05 – all that pain and now even under 20 mins! Disappointed? Yes – BUT YOU SHOULDN’T BE BECAUSE ACTUALLY YOU DID BETTER THAN YOU SHOULD HAVE!

What to learn… decision time. Are you training for a 5k PB or building for next season? BUILDING!! OK then, stop with the 5k disappointment and get training. Parkrun’s are great for a little speedwork BUT a PB is NOT important. You had a great run on Saturday. Well done!


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