Day #7: Coffee time!


One of the Tri club guys fell off his bike today after a car went past too close and he reacted a little badly and that caused a crash. Luckily he bailed onto grass but at 25mph it could have been very cheese grater! Unpleasant! He was very shocked and had a broken shifter – expensive! Riding around the lanes around here is a bit dicey to say the least. There were 2 articles in the local paper this week condemning cyclist for being on the Tarka Trail (bike allowed path) and going to fast or being on the road and going too slow. Every time I ride the impatience to the down right rudeness of car drivers amazes me. Yes, cyclists can be annoying when they don’t follow the rules of the road but at no point do they endanger life. I have lost count of the number of times I have been over taken by a car on a blind bend or other inappropriate hazard nearly resulting in a head -on crash – only to then catch up with the car as they are stuck in traffic. Cars not pulling out far enough. Cars cutting in on you. Cars pulling towards the curb while they are passing to purposefully push you into the kerb. Mainly vans shouting abuse and throwing objects at you. It is amazing and I await the day I’m riding along one minute and in hospital the next. It’s about time everyone stopped to think about their actions – cyclists and car drivers alike!


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