Day #6: Hidden efforts!

IMG_0399Went for a walk with my boy today, he was on his bike! I didn’t walk that much! Infact my ‘walk’ was really a succession of interval sprints. He learned to ride on a tennis court and has never been more than a few minutes on his bike before stopping. He’s only just turned 3yrs and is riding a Islabike 14″ like a pro. Today he rode with a little girl a year his senior and he loved the competition. He was off. Sadly, he’s not too good at stopping and waiting. As I said, he was off! Then a shout and then a sprint! We were on the Tarka Trail so it wasn’t to bad but I still, thinking about it, have done around 20 high intensity efforts with a couple of minutes rest. Talk about hidden efforts.

On the positive side seeing your boy ride off into the distance is great. Knowing you can catch him up in a few seconds is good. This was one of the reasons that I started Tri in the first place. So that my child wasn’t going to be held back by his aged father (42!). Think I have that nailed for a while. However, I’m taking my bike next time!


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